Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tomato bread

I'm attempting to refine the accidental focaccia of a few days ago, and having bought a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, that's the intended destiny for this. But I'm starting at 2120, so planning an overnight first proofing. For this reason, the biga is made up of:
200g VSWF
200g Badoit (still on special offer at Waitrose, by the way)
tiny amounts (about 1g each) of caster sugar and dried yeast.

I'll be leaving this overnight, probably in the bathroom (which is colder than any other room - especially tonight, which is frosty).

I'll be back tomorrow with the next steps, but note to myself: don't forget to add salt & oil.

Update 1
So, after 12 hours resting both the dough and I are looking good this morning. At 0915 I've added 100g of flour, a pinch of salt, and some oil (from the jar of tomatoes) and rekneaded, adding more flour as needed (probably about 20g), and then mixing in about sun-dried tomatoes, chopped. I've flattened it out into an irregular shape and will let it rise at kitchen temp for two or three hours, I guess.

Update 2
Probably could/should have used more yeast, but at 1250 I've put a still fairly flat bread in at gas 9. At 1305 brown but still a bit wet, so 10 more mins @ 7. At 1315 it still doesn't have the hollow tap sound, but I can't believe it isn't done. Here it is:
Looks nice, no? But no as shiny as I'd have hoped - I suppose I could have been more lavish with the oil wash. And doh I forgot to sprinkle sea salt on top.

It was OK. Still too dry - not enough oil, because I basically tipped in the extra from the jar of tomatoes. I'm nearly there, I think, but I might buy some focaccia from the market on Sunday just to calibrate what I'm trying to do.

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