Monday, February 15, 2010


I've soaked 20g of raisins in tea (why not?), then mixed them into a dough made of 150g vswf, 20g caster sugar, 100g warm water with half a tsp of dried yeast, pinches of ground cinnamon and allspice. Oh, and then I added three dried apricots, chopped up.

I'm really in uncharted territory here. I've never attempted yeasted buns before. I've no idea if the amount of sugar's right, but the dough tastes like it will be sweet enough. I've a feeling weaker flour might work better.

Nevermind. The dough is now sitting by the radiator. Updates to follow.

Update 1
1320: this dough is slow, but I've knocked it back and formed five little balls. I'll let them sit for a while. 

Update 2
I suppose it's the fruit that makes it hard work for the yeast. Finally at 1550 I gave in and popped them into the oven at gas 7, after brushing with milk. Here's the result after 20 minutes:

They're nice. Obviously, what we have here are hot uncrossed buns. They're sweet enough (for me), but the spices are a bit weak (for me). Slightly overcooked, but they're not burnt. The colour is no doubt caused by the caramelisation of the sugar. Another time I'd use a lower temperature. And there will be another time.

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