Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doves Farm Malthouse

I imagine this flour is a knock-off of Granary. It includes 3.6% rye flour, which doesn't seem like much, and of course malted wheat flakes. Protein is 12.3%. I'm probably going for a cottage loaf with this. And I'm going for a straightforward two-proving procedure.

450g flour with a pinch of seasalt
250g warm water
6g yeast
5g sugar

These are slightly scaled down from the flour pack recipe, which is for 500g, and worked very well - it's a nice dough to knead and looks ok. The pack recipe includes oil, which I'm leaving out. I'm now (1440) letting it prove near the radiator. An hour should do.

Update 1
1610 - dough nicely risen, knocked back and formed into boule. X slash on top. Oven on.  

Update 2
In oven (7) at 1700 for 35 mins on a stone, no steam. And the result is ... lovely! Quite light crumb, with a crackly crust. It tastes how I remember granary bread. I can only guess that Hovis granary flour is blended mainly for industrial process, so will happily not use it again.  

Update 3
Now I've had chance to taste the fully cooled loaf, I have to say this is one of the best I've ever made. It's terrifically light with a tasty chewy crust, beautiful cut thick and served with cheese or butter. Well done, me. 

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