Saturday, February 13, 2010


I don't know what I'm finally going to make of this, but I've just mixed up a sponge, biga or poolish.

200g very strong white flour
200g Badoit
3g sugar
2g dried yeast

I'm using Badoit because it's the only bottled water I have. I don't imagine the gas in it will make any difference over the hours this is going to take, but the mineral flavour will surely make a difference.

So, that's mixed up, looking quite dry, at 1045.

Update 1
1700: added (initially) 100g flour, then about 20g, plus 2g salt. Kneaded, and then mixed in 25g sliced black olives. I've spread the dough out in an olive oil lined baking tray, and it doesn't look very nice. We'll see.

Update 2 
1900: bad feelings about this. It's such a cold day today, the bread's hardly risen in two hours. But heyho, I've dimpled it a bit, slapped on some more olive oil, oregano and salt, and in it goes, initially at g9, down to 7 after 10 mins.

And here it is:  
Better than I hoped, if unfocused. It's more or less a focaccia,  I suppose.

This was tasty enough. I think it would have been better if I'd added olive oil to the dough at some stage in the mixing. It was certainly drier than propa focaccia,  and unsurprisingly has dried out very quickly. But it had lovely internal structure, lots of large bubbles. I think oil would have reduced those.

So, I'll try this again soon, maybe using sundried tomatoes instead of olives. It would, obviously, also be a super pizza base.

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