Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sourdough I'm fairly happy with

Well, here it is: the best loaf I've yet baked with sourdough.

It's made with 300g white flour, 50g rye, about 50g wholemeal and about a tablespoon of the wholewheat starter mixed with about 240g water. About 5g of salt. I forgot to add any sugar.

The dough sat sullenly after kneading for a couple of hours, but then after a couple more hours, it was clearly alive and rising. It caused a surprisingly happy feeling in me! After a gentle knocking back, I let it rise in the banneton (you can see the rings) for only about an hour. Following on from what I said in the last post, I think the secret is to recognise the feel of the dough - its springiness  - in judging when it should be baked.

It was a fairly stiff dough so, as you can see, it took slashing very well, and rose more or less evenly during the bake. I think those irregular holes are just about inevitable with sourdough. Aren't they?

The wheat starter gives a much less sour taste than the rye, so this is a bread you could give to children. I slightly overbaked it; it's a little bit dry, but is still, more than 36 hours after baking, acceptable.

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