Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stout bread

I've made this bread using half a bottle of beer. Which seems like a good idea, but wooh! it puts the price up. Most decent beer costs around £2 a bottle, so this technique adds a quid to the price of a loaf, and so is an expensive way of vapourising a unit of alcohol which could be usefully engaged in the destruction of my liver.

500 g barleycorn flour
4 g salt
5 g fast-acting dried yeast
250 g Bath Ales Dark Side stout
50 g water

I don't often use fast-acting yeast, but wanted a quick rise as I was planning to use the oven for a rabbit pie as well. I probably should use it more, but generally speaking I think the effect of really slow rising is worth the wait.

So, here it is. I used eggwash and a dusting of oats. The stout has resulted in a darker than usual crumb, and the taste is there, but quite subtle. I don't usually do subtle.  I wouldn't do this everyday - I still prefer to drink beer - but for special occasions it'd be worth it.

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