Monday, November 8, 2010

Maybe this time

I think, although I haven't tasted it yet, I've made the best loaf yet in the new oven.

310g (my hand slipped!) strong white flour
60g rye flour
50g strong wholemeal flour
4g salt

150g apple juice
150g water
4g dried yeast

A simple procedure: mixed, left for 20 mins, kneaded, 3 hrs rising, knockback, put in banneton, 1 hr proving. Then eggwashed and sprinkled with salt.

I'd been baking apple pies so the oven was hot. I racked it up to 240C for the first ten minutes, reducing to 220 for remaining 40, and put water in a baking tray to create steam.

It looks OK, I think, and the taste ought to be OK too. In case I don't update this post, let's just assume it is. One of the things that perversely might have helped is that it's cold today, so the heating's on, so it was easier to put the dough in a warm place.

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