Monday, July 26, 2010

Sourdough day 3

My baby is surprisingly lifelike. It farts and stinks, so I've wrapped it in clingfilm. That's what you do with real babies, right?

In truth, it's being very active, and is full of gas and holes. The smell is pretty horrible - not yeasty at all, and apparently this is because the early activity is all caused by bacteria, which prepare the way for the yeast by making the dough more acid, reducing its pH. It seems I can expect this to go on for 2 or 3 more days. Then it's likely it will look as if it's died, but I must be patient and on the 7th day it will be a properly yeasty beasty.

Meanwhile, after my spelt failure, today I'm baking a 33% wholemeal tin. Nothing too exceptional: except that I left the biga overnight in a mild kitchen. By this morning it had sunk back, although was still lively. I then added the wholemeal flour, salt and oil, and gave it 2 hours.

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